Christians in Malawi request additional Bibles

By April 11, 2023

Malawi (MNN) — Malawi is in need of Bibles and Christian resources and Mission Cry is ready to respond. This small, land-locked country that was recently been ravaged by Cyclone Freddy continues to face a host of other problems. However, the people’s deepest need is for the Word of God.

Jason Woolford from Mission Cry shares that because Malawi is land-locked, it is often overlooked.

“Malawi is forgotten about a lot of times, because it’s so hard to get containers in there. They’re double the cost to get there, but we’re going to be sending one. We’re praying that God would provide the funding. It will be headed there for not only church leaders, but for evangelism and outreach.”

Fighting a Spiritual Battle in Malawi

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

These materials are a catalyst for Church growth in the midst of a very real spiritual battle in Malawi. The country is seeing a resurgence of Islam. Many have been turning to Islam for answers in the midst of the turmoil in their nation. Woolford says, “We’re going to help stop that revival with having Christian revival – by sending the Word of God, the only thing that doesn’t return void. Not only for our Christian brethren, our brothers and sisters there, but also that these followers of Islam will get the Word of God and that they will be set free.”

Christian workers on the ground in Malawi have been using resources they already have from Mission Cry to create a mobile library to reach several districts with Bibles, resources, and training. They have also been able to distribute books to church leaders to help them better reach their congregations with God’s truth. However, they have requested additional Bibles and Christian literature.

Woolford shares that they are thankful for their contacts in Malawi and the resources that have already been sent. However, there is still a demand for more resources to share with a world in need. “I just want to remind people that we’re in a very real battle. This is a spiritual war that we were in. There’s a very real God, our Father in heaven. Therefore, there’s a very real devil, and we know what he does. He comes to steal, kill, destroy, to cause division. The only thing that fixes that is the Word of God, the only thing that doesn’t return void. So I would just ask that people pray that the devil would be defeated.”

Please pray for the spread of the Gospel in Malawi through the tangible Word of God. If you would like to help sponsor the next shipment of Bibles and Christian resources to Malawi, click here.

Header photo courtesy of Mission Cry.