Freddy leaves a mess in Malawi

By March 17, 2023

Malawi (MNN) — Tropical Cyclone Freddy may have downgraded this week, but its wrath is far from over.

Close to 400 deaths have been reported in Malawi, Mozambique, and Madagascar. Authorities expect that toll to rise as they pick their way through storm debris.

“We reach the entire southern region of Malawi, which has been affected [by Freddy]. Most of our audiences in the southern part are under stress,” Trans World Radio’s Victor Kaonga says.

“This is the first time we have been affected to this extent by a cyclone, so it is overwhelming.”

Freddy first developed near Australia in early February. It was one of the strongest tropical storms ever recorded, gaining more energy in 35 days than an entire U.S. hurricane season.

TWR equips people throughout Malawi to pray, and Christ-centered programming provides hope. Plus, “TWR is the mouthpiece of the Evangelical Association of Malawi to mobilize Christians in Malawi,” Kaonga says.

“[We are] calling on believers to support people who have been displaced with food, clothes, and other materials that these people need. The TWR office is one site where people drop off the items. Then, these (supplies) are handed over to the Department of Disaster Preparedness.”

Pray that government leaders will have the wisdom to manage the recovery process properly.

“There’s a lot of trauma, so pray that God will heal many from the trauma and [that He will] heal those who are injured,” Kaonga requests.



An image of Tropical Cyclone Freddy taken by a crew member aboard the International Space Station during its 68th expedition on 20 February 2023. When this image was captured, Freddy was passing by the Mascarene Islands. (Wikimedia Commons)

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