Christians launch rapid response to quake-torn Indonesia.

By June 1, 2006

Indonesia (MNN)–Humanitarian relief groups are making headway in Yogyakarta, Indonesia’s quake zone.

International Aid’s Myles Fish says their team was still in the region because of the tsunami follow-up work, Fish adds, so the groundwork for relief was already in place.

With most of the hospitals out of commission, field clinics are the norm, but supplies and medicine are scarce.
Their field partners’ immediate request was for portable health facilities capable of meeting the basic health care needs of the injured and to help prevent the outbreak of disease amongst the 200,000 whose homes were destroyed.

In answer, IA sent out a medical clinic via Federal Express. It’s due to arrive today. “This includes everything that you’d normally find in a doctor’s office, so, all of the examination equipment, the tables, scales–things like that, as well as the supplies and products that a doctor would need to treat up to 15-hundred people.”

Fish explains their primary mission is to demonstrate their love for Christ in that Muslim region by serving those in need.

Their teams are also laying the groundwork for future ministry. “We will be searching for a Christian church partner there that we can deliver these supplies through, in the hope that we can enhance the local indigenous church’s testimony to their own community.”

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