Christians need $12,000 to open two radio stations in Romania

By May 29, 2006

Romania (MNN) — Romania’s desire to enter the European Union may have a negative impact on Christian radio in that nation. For the last few years, organizations have been able to petition the government for radio frequencies. But, that may change, says Little Samaritan Mission’s Florin Pindicblaj.

Little Samaritan operates 25 Christian radio stations in Romania, which is the largest network of its kind. Pindicblaj says the E-U isn’t happy. “The European Union warned Romania. They said Romania has more radio stations than any other European country — combined together. They (think the radio stations) were being used for political reasons.”

Pindicblaj says they already have been approved for two more frequencies. One in Tulcea and the other in Abrud. He says there are just 12,000 reasons they’re not on the air yet. “We (don’t) have funds to buy the equipment. We just need $12,000 to open these two new radio stations.” The money will be used for two transmitters and other essential equipment.

Christian radio is very well listened to in Romania. Pindicblaj says the poverty is the reason. “The people are looking for comfort. They’re look for (answers) to questions. These days are difficult now and that is the reason I’m so glad God gave the privilege to Little Samaritan in these days to provide the Gospel of Jesus Christ 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

According to Pindicblaj the time to help is now, because under so-called freedom, anti-Christian messages — like the Davinci Code — are flooding into Romania. Little Samaritan is combating that. “Know God’s Word, they know the truth. And they will not be deceived. That is our purpose. We are not over there to combat or to debate, we’re over there to share the Gospel.”

Mission Network News partners with MNN to translate our broadcast into Russian and Romanian. Pray that they’ll be able to raise the $12,000 to put these radio stations on the air before it’s too late.

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