Christians poised to help revive Egypt

By February 13, 2012

Egypt (MNN) — While marches and strikes were called over the weekend on the anniversary of President Hosni Mubarak's ouster from power, Christians believe this is the time they need to be strong. SAT-7 , Christian satellite television in the Middle East and North Africa, is there providing hope.

Director of SAT-7 Egypt Farid Garas says it has been a difficult year for everyone, but especially Christians. However, Garas says Christians have been praying for 30 years for what has happened in the church: "freedom of religion, having revivals for Christians in churches — in the growing church. All that was just a dream for many, but it's taking place now."

According to Garas, much of the information coming out of Egypt is violence and radicalism, but he says that's not all that's going on. "You don't really see what God is doing because the secular media [doesn't] show that. I believe God is going to do more, and SAT-7 has to be there at the front to transfer the other part of the story."

Christians have taken a neutral role in the political realm, which has positioned them to be even more effective. Garas says because of the uncertainty throughout the region, SAT-7 is making an impact. And it's growing. "One year ago, we had one live program from Egypt. This year, in the midst of all of this, we now have eight." They also air a very popular children's program.

SAT-7 is positioned well. "People are starting to seek God. They are confused, so they want to see a different angle. They are looking for comfort, for peace of heart, and this is where the prophetic Word comes through SAT-7," says Garas.

While SAT-7 would like to do more live programming, they're limited. They only have one live studio. They're half-way done with raising money for a project they're calling the Upper Room Studio. "The Disciples received the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room. From that tiny space, the Word of God spread all over." Garas hopes the same will happen from this room.

Garas is asking you to pray for SAT-7 Egypt and to help them financially as well. Click here to help.

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