Christians ready to help Hurricane Ivan victims in Grenada

By September 16, 2004

Grenada (MNN) — As Hurricane Ivan hits the United States, the Island nation of Grenada is reeling from the storm. According to reports half of the country’s population’s 100,000 people are homeless. Because of this incredible need, Operation Mobilization is gearing up to help.

OM’s Henry Janowski, “Through our OM Barbados office we have people on the ground now. We understand that somewhere around 80,000 people have major damage to their homes or totally destroyed homes.”

Christians around the Caribbean are mobilizing to help. Janowski says housing isn’t the only problem. “Their food supplies are almost non-existing. Their water supply is contaminated and we’re just trying to respond to that. We have the benefit of Samaritan’s Purse to come along side to help us.”

Weather conditions continue to hamper relief shipments getting into the region. Janowski is asking people to pray that the weather will clear up.

OM is appealing to Christians worldwide to help funding this massive relief project. “We definitely will not be able to help everybody who needs help. But, the more resources we have the greater impact that we can have. The whole reality is that someone’s $10 is going to help feed somebody. Every gift is critical no matter how small,” says Janowski.

The great part of this investment is that it’s an eternal investment. “The reality is we have people that are hungry and thirsty and homeless right now. And, as we do that in the name of Jesus, we open the door for them to see Jesus in action. And, the natural response to that is why do you care? And the answer to that is because Jesus cared.”

To help fund this relief effort in Grenada you can go to their web site or you can send your check to Operation Mobilization, PO Box 444, Tyrone, GA, USA 30290-0444.

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