Christians ready to reach closed Muslim countries with Christ’s love

By January 4, 2005

Indonesia (MNN) — Aid is not reaching Banda Aceh, Indonesia as quickly as India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The region is plagued by ongoing civil conflict, religious infighting and its own self-imposed fundamentalist Islamic isolation. There, the Christian Church has been severely oppressed and the people are ruled with an iron Islamic fist. Their leaders have rejected outside help, but now they want it.

Strategic World Impact says they’re ready to move in with support, to bring Hope to these overwhelmed Muslims and persecuted believers. SWI Disaster Assistance Response Teams are ready to go into the region not only with physical assistance, but with spiritual.

SWI’s President Kevin Turner says Banda Aceh is a region that’s been cut off from the Gospel for 25 years. Turner says this relief effort will change that. Funding is needed for this effort. While millions of dollars were donated for relief efforts, it doesn’t come close to meeting the need.

You can help Strategic World Impact by calling 877-794-4673.

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