Christians tackle AIDS from a different direction.

By July 27, 2005

Africa (MNN)–Trans World Radio is taking another approach to tackling Africa’s HIV/AIDS problem.

Through a partnership, TWR will be producing a radio drama geared toward helping African teenagers make responsible lifestyle choices.

The Kerus Radio Project is expected to play a central role in expanding TWR’s HIV/AIDS programming, especially related to prevention.

HIV/AIDS has been identified as one of the five priority programming focus areas for expansion as part of TWR’s new Global Strategic Plan. Plans call for 37 new HIV/AIDS radio programs in 37 new languages over a six-year period (2005-2010).

The Kerus/TWR partnership is receiving very favorable response from a number of other organizations and partnerships seeking a comprehensive approach to HIV/AIDS prevention.

Working in tandem, the Kerus “It Takes Courage!” curriculum and training is combined with the value of radio to reinforce those messages via the airwaves and create a synergistic media strategy including radio listener groups to achieve the ultimate goal of transformed post-HIV/AIDS communities.

The storylines are based on the AIDS curriculum developed by TWR’s partner. Aside from helping people with AIDS, and evangelizing them, the programs will also center on prevention.

The effort will focus on Uganda, Mozambique, Kenya and Ethiopia, along with a second partnership in South Africa.

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