Christians to help with orphan problem in Russia

By March 29, 2006

Russia (MNN) — There are more than 700,000 orphans that are institutionalized in Russia. Many of these children aren’t available for adoption. Those that are available won’t be adopted by Russian or international families either. They remain in hospitals and orphanages. Buckner Orphan Care International would like to see that changed. That will be the focus of their 4th annual orphan care conference in Moscow.

Buckner’s Amy Norton says, “Specifically this year, we’re addressing foster care and the need for foster care in Russia and really hoping that we can push it as a national agenda for Russia to begin their own foster care program at the federal level.”

Norton says they started programs in a few local areas already, but it’s not being encouraged nationally. “Our goal is to really get foster care as a concept and idea passed at the federal level through the Duma so that regions all over Russia can start their own foster care program.”

Officials and dignitaries will be joining them for their conference April 13th and 14th.

If this moves forward, the church could be very instrumental in making an incredible difference in children’s lives. “If these children can be placed in a Christian home, where they have loving Christian parents who certainly show them how to live out a Christian life and model for them what it is to be a Christian.” Giving them many opportunities to see them come to Christ — and opportunity they otherwise may never have.

Norton says if this goes to the national level, Buckner will be recruiting churches and education pastors. “This is what the church is called to do is to take in orphans in their distress and that we are going to heavily recruit from the churches because they are the ones that should be doing this as a part of a call to be a Christian.”

Norton is asking people to pray that God will bring the right people to the conference and that the Duma will take action to institute foster care nationwide.

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