Water in Sudan refugee camp is seen as a miracle from God

By March 30, 2006

Sudan (MNN) — African Union leaders reached a deal with Arab leaders that will help fund AU peacekeepers in Darfur, Sudan. The move came after Sudan pressed fellow members of the Arab League to reject plans for the deployment of UN peacekeepers in the region where thousands have been killed by genocide.

Despite the problems, Persecution Project Foundation continues to work with more Christian and Muslim refugees in the Northen Aweil County of Bahr el Ghazal, says Ed Lyons. “We are dealing with about 30,000 families. Each family is averaging about seven or eight members each. And, they’re fleeing that horrible genocide. They’re finding very little water, very little food to eat, and we’re trying to meet those needs for Jesus Christ.”

Last month they were able to dig a well in an area where the U-N was unable to find water. Lyons says, “The village leaders, especially the Muslim leaders of their villages, actually saw this as a miracle of God. And we, actually said, ‘yes, you’re absolutely right,’ handed them some Arabic Bibles and said, ‘this is the God who provided this water for you.'”

However, more needs to be done. “The people have actually seen the success of these four wells and there are more people entering the refugee camps now. So, we’ve got a greater need in this area and we’ve contracted with six more.”

The workers are the ground are Africans, says Lyons, and they’re doing the work effectively. “They’re out there evangelizing as well as directing the drilling efforts and the food distribution and the medical distribution that we have. They also get a chance to preach the Gospel message and it’s having overwhelming results in this area.”

Those working in the region need your prayers, says Lyons. “There’s a recent outbreak of cholera and meningitis because of the weather out there. Some of our own workers have had to go back to Kenya and be admitted to hospitals because of the illnesses that they’re facing.”

Lyons says while no churches have be planted yet, that is something they desire. Right now funding is needed to help provide water to this displaced community.

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