Christians use their careers for Christ’s kingdom overseas

By March 30, 2021

International (MNN) — Ministry or career? That’s actually a choice Christians shouldn’t have to make, says Salli Varney of Operation Mobilization. “If you are a believer, then everything you do, everything you touch is an extension as we radiate the glory of God in our work, in everything that we do in touch. So we say there is no sacred and secular divide. In fact, we have a phrase that we say: ‘Our work is worship, and everything we do is worship.’”

Operation Mobilization supports Christians who take their careers to other countries. These Marketplace Workers share their faith as their share their lives with coworkers and neighbors. Varney says, “We partner with people and come alongside with as much or as little as [they] need. [We can] help you with your job search in your resume and how to interview. These processes can look different internationally than here in the States. [We also help with] training specific to the area they’re going to, as well as looking at overall cultural differences.”

Could this program be for you?

Many Christians wonder if God has called them to missions. But Varney says that’s the wrong question. “It’s not about a call. You were created, we were created to glorify God. What better way to do that, than glorify Him through our faith in action in what we do? We can then take that work to another country where Jesus’s name is not known and give back to that country.”

Click here to visit Operation Mobilizations website. You can read stories from Marketplace Workers about their experiences, learn where Operation Mobilization works, and find out how to pray.



Header photo courtesy of Operation Mobilization via Facebook.

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