New coronavirus variant emerges in India

By March 29, 2021

India (MNN) — Indian scientists found a new “double mutant” coronavirus variant. It’s unclear whether this variant is affected by vaccines, but officials say it’s not connected to the latest spike in cases.

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COVID-19 infections hit a three-month high last week, prompting new lockdowns and restrictions. These send more people to World Mission’s church partners for help, while others return to the churches with a message.

“Throughout COVID, World Mission executed 12 different feeding programs. Now, Hindu families [are] coming back to these pastors and telling them, ‘You were like angels to us. While we were in our greatest time of need you stood with us, and we’ll never forget’,” World Mission’s Greg Kelley says.

“They’re coming to Christ because of that practical expression of the Gospel.”

At the same time, persecution is sending demand for audio Bibles sky-high. Believers in a state known as the Hindu Heartland tell World Mission they’re facing more pressure.

“Chief Ministers and their cohorts, they’re identifying Christian leaders and throwing them in jail without any kind of judicious system,” Kelley says.

(Photo courtesy of World Mission)

Hindu nationalists lead the way in persecuting believers. Repression ranges from physical assaults to legal discrimination. “The governments are run by radical Hindu elements and, in some cases, Islamic elements,” Kelley notes. More about persecution in India here.

Despite this oppression, believers are ready and willing to share God’s Word. “More Treasures, our solar-powered audio Bible, go into India than any other country in the world,” Kelley says. Send audio Bibles to India through World Mission.

Most importantly, pray. Ask the Lord to encourage persecuted believers, and give them boldness rooted in faith. “The last thing they would want us to pray for them is protection,” Kelley says.

“Thousands and thousands of Christian leaders are ‘stepping into the lion’s den’ willingly to share the Gospel.”



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