India fights second COVID-19 spike

By March 19, 2021

India (MNN) — Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls for quick action as India’s COVID-19 infections spike. New cases are at a three-month high despite India having the world’s second-largest vaccination push.

Some states began another round of total lockdowns this week, while others impose nightly curfews. And yet, “Amid the whole COVID crisis, there’s just an amazing story of how God works throughout all of these difficulties and hardships and trials we’re facing,” Bibles For The World’s John Pudaite says.

Dr. Arabinda Dey, Christ’s Disciples Fellowship, Calcutta, West Bengal, India.
(Photo, caption courtesy Bibles For The World)

This God story began decades ago. “Dr. Dey came to know the Lord through a New Testament that was sent by Bibles For The World in the early 1970s, some of the first outreach we did,” Pudaite continues.

“He was so captivated by the message of salvation in Jesus Christ, he left his job as a bank officer and started following Christ as He led him.”

In the decades following his conversion, Dr. Dey translated God’s Word into a local language, started a Bible school, and distributed thousands of New Testaments. Now, he’s teaching new believers how to share their faith.

Bibles for West Bengal

Wanting to see new believers grow and flourish, Dr. Dey turned to Bibles For The World for help. “They had been seeing so many people coming to the Lord” in West Bengal, Dr. Dey’s home state, Pudaite says. Help send Bibles to India here.

“He said, ‘we need New Testaments to give to these young Christians for their early discipleship,’” Pudaite recalls, adding that Dr. Dey requested a minimum of 10,000 copies. After speaking to other partners in the area, Pudaite realized the need went beyond Dr. Dey’s community.

So Bibles For The World doubled Dr. Dey’s request and sent 20,000 New Testaments and Bengali study Bibles to West Bengal. The results were more than encouraging. “Within the first week after they [arrived], they were gone, distributed to the different ministries for them to use with the new believers,” Pudaite says.

“The Holy Spirit has not been locked down or quarantined through this time; the Gospel has continued to go out.”

Young missionaries and evangelists going out, equipped with the Word of God.
(Photo, caption courtesy Bibles For The World)

Pray for boldness and endurance as Dr. Day and other believers share their faith. India’s government is steadily increasing pressure on Christians. More about that here.

“It’s a very different type of oppression. It’s not physical persecution, but it places tremendous pressure on our team,” Pudaite says, referring to financial crackdowns and regulations.

“Pray that God will continue to supply them with the resources and wisdom that they need.”



Header image depicts healthcare workers wearing personal protective equipment while caring for patients with coronavirus infection in the Indian state of Kerala. (Wikimedia Commons)

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