Christmas CARE PACKAGES encourage season of giving

By November 29, 2010

International (MNN) — In-store sales are running wild this time of year, encouraging mothers, fathers, daughters and sons to get that perfect Christmas gift. Countless Americans rushed for retail on "Black" Friday, many searching frantically for Christmas gifts. Yet the clear truth is, few people around the globe are blessed enough to celebrate the season in such a material way.

During a season clothed in giving, it's a shame when children go without something special to celebrate Jesus' birth.

Childcare Worldwide provides many children with care throughout the year. Sponsored children are provided with various necessities including education, housing, food and the Gospel message on a daily basis. Still, these children are far from well off and are unlikely to receive anything for Christmas.

That's why Childcare Worldwide began sending CARE PACKAGES at Christmastime. The ministry starting sending CARE PACKAGES in 1946 to European children who had lost and suffered much during World War II. The American economy was struggling at the time, but giving was still abundant. Christ entered the world in part to rescue these children, and many believers wanted them to know it.

The ministry continues today, caring for children who would otherwise be celebrating Christmas without the added element of giving. This year, you can help bring joy to suffering children, too.

One CARE PACKAGE includes gifts of fruit, sweets, small toys, clothing, blankets, backpacks, hygiene items or school supplies, depending on the country to which it will be sent. $20 provides the contents and shipping for each CARE PACKAGE. You can be a part of this project today. If you'd like to bring joy to a sponsored child this year, click here.

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