Christmas in in China may not be what you think

By December 25, 2012

China (MNN) — Christmas is celebrated differently around the world. Today, we take you around the world to find out how Christmas is celebrated and how you can pray for each nation on this Christmas day.

We start off in China where Pastor Paul Yang tells us how Christmas is celebrated there. "For most Chinese, Christmas is a foreign holiday. Most Chinese think, 'Oh, Christmas is a holiday for only Christians. We are only an observer.'"

Registered churches decorate their churches for Christmas. That, in an of itself, is an attraction to non-Christians. They want to know, "What is the internal decoration of the church? What is the content of the sermons?" They want to know about Christianity. This is also an opportunity to preach the Gospel.

Yang says Christians also are proactive. "We also ask our congregation to invite relatives, friends, and classmates to come to church to celebrate with us on Christmas Eve."

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