Christmas in India and Ecuador

By December 25, 2012

International (MNN) — How is Christmas celebrated in India and Ecuador?

Dave Stravers with Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India says Christians in India celebrate the birth of Christ openly. Believers hold "special worship services, musical programs, special evangelistic events, and television will have these events. Radio stations will have them. Many Hindus realize that this is something special."

In recent years, Hindus have attacked Christians on Christmas Day. The Orissa massacre is just one example.

In Ecuador, Maria Atiaga, our Spanish translator, says Christmas programs are important there. She says the celebration spreads over nine days. "Every day there is a little part of the story of Christmas. You start with the census, and then the last day you end with the nativity."

Atiaga says it's a great opportunity to remind Ecuadorians that they're not worshiping figures in the nativity: they're worshiping Christ alone.

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