Christmas isn’t over yet; Russia soon to celebrate with outreach

By December 28, 2011

Russia (MNN) — Christmas may have just drawn to a close throughout a majority of nations, but for Russia and other Former Soviet Union countries, the festivities have yet to begin.

For weeks, evangelical churches across the lands of Russia have been praying for their annual Christmas outreaches, culminating in Russian Christmas on January 7. Immanuel's Child outreaches sponsored by Slavic Gospel Association will be a key part of these evangelistic efforts.

In the past, Immanuel's Child and other Christmas projects have yielded high rewards.

Andrei Stanchev in Ukraine reported last year that an outreach to the Roma people led to the start of a Bible study. Now, Stanchev told SGA, "About ten adults and the same number of children are attending, and we are planning to start a children's ministry in this village. Every time, some new people come to our study. They open their hearts, telling us of their worries and problems."

Alexander Mandshiev reported that last year about 30 children came to his Russian church's Christmas outreach. Parents accompanied their children, many of whom had never stepped foot inside a church. That one event has opened the door to relationships and faith exploration that may never have occurred otherwise.

Viktor Opalinskiy from Ukraine said that youth in the church helped to surprise visit 30 families, caring for children who receive little attention otherwise. "We also conducted Christmas celebrations in the orphanage with our youth and gave the children presents. It was such a joy for them that somebody cared," said Opalinskiy.

Through Immanuel's Child each year, thousands of children, their families, and caregivers are reached with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then follow-up ministry continues throughout the year, yielding much fruit for the glory of God.

SGA invites you to join in intercession for Immanuel's Child and other Christmas-related outreaches directed to children and their families this year. Christmas can often be the most effective evangelistic time of the year in many Soviet nations. With strict and even new laws (i.e. in Kazakhstan), however, Christmas outreach can be challenging. Join SGA in praying for smooth outreach programs, and for the hearts of many to be filled with Christ this year.

To still participate in Immanuel's Child this Christmas, click here.

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