Christmas parade a success, large donation for health clinic on the horizon

By January 3, 2008

Ghana (MNN) — According to Ambrose Brennan of Oasis International Ministry, their Christmas parade was a success.

Last year, one pastor helped. This year, they had help from seven pastors from several different churches. Also, last year they raised just $396. This year, they raised $2750, which is a marked increase. The money is being saved to build a recovery center for the local health clinic in Prampram. "I think we're getting the word out, and we're making it known in the community of the need for the health clinic here," said Brennan.

Several dignitaries attended the gathering after the parade. "In addition to that, we had Ghana television come, and they had a broadcast on Christmas day at noon. It was about a four or five minute broadcast," said Brennan, who thought the station did a very complete job on the coverage.

After that, the local paramount chief contacted Brennan and a local pastor. "He asked us how much was needed to complete the project, and we said about $37,000 probably to complete it.  That would just be the structural part. He said they may have some money that they would like to donate in the tune of about $20,000. So, if that happens, we're really going to be excited."

Tracts and other literature were distributed, but there wasn't an altar call according to Brennan, so it's difficult to tell what the response to the Gospel was. However, he said that the beginning of changing people's lives is getting them involved in classes at the institute. "We definitely had a lot of people who were inquiring. After the parade, we had a number of people who came to the center to get information about some of our Bible classes and some of our leadership courses," he said.

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