Christmas persecution

By December 31, 2008

(MNN) — Chinese Christians continued to suffer persecution over the Christmas
holiday, according to China Aid Association

At about 3 o' clock in the afternoon on Christmas Eve, more
than 40 police led by Deng Changda, Chief of Security Section of the County
Public Security Bureau, illegally raided the construction sites of houses for
four victims of May's earthquake in Sichuan

The names of the four victims are Deng Zonghua, Li Baohua,
Huang Tinggui and Li Baotong, and they live in Jingjia village, Quchuan
township, Beichuan county
of Sichuan province. 

The policemen arrived in about ten police vehicles, poorly
dressed and reeking of alcohol. They
viciously attacked the earthquake victims and Christian volunteers who were
resting from their construction work. The
only apparent justification for the attack was the ostensible need to fight
illegal Christian gatherings. 

The policemen insulted the people, swore at them, and beat
them. They confiscated Bibles, hymnals,
televisions, motorcycles, and many other items, refusing to present legal
documents to justify their actions. Finally,
they took away earthquake victim Li Zenggui and some of the Christian
volunteers, including Cao Gang and Brother Yang. 

The Sichuan
earthquake hit Quchuan township hard. Because of its remote location, the township does not receive relief
from the government or from outside relief organizations; their only assistance comes from

The onset of winter, bringing with it occasional snow and
temperatures 4-5 degrees below zero Celsius, makes life extremely difficult for
people who are still struggling along in crude shacks. If they cannot continue receiving relief from
the Christians who have won their trust, it will be very difficult for them to
survive the season. 

The Christian volunteers in Quchuan are led by Brother Xing
Guichang, who arrived to help only seven days after the earthquake. He was not at the construction site during
the raid and therefore was not arrested. He is burdened by the unreasonable dilemma facing the earthquake
victims, as the government does not help them but punishes them for helping

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