English opens up opportunities

By December 31, 2008

India (MNN) — Young Dalits are getting a chance for a better life through
free English education offered by Operation Mobilization, in partnership with
the All India Christian Council and Manjeera Dalitha Seva Samithi, a Dalit
non-profit organization.

The Spoken English Training and Career Guidance Centre in
Andhra Pradesh began this year, and 157 high school and college students
enrolled in the first three-month-long course. 

In the past, Dalits have not had access to English
education, although the language is widely used in corporate and societal
institutions. Today, the ability to
speak English has become a status symbol for the rich upper caste.  Members of the upper caste are now known as
the "English-speaking elite."

The Centre's first graduating class completed the course in
mid-2008 and already reports outstanding success in finding employment — due
to the newly-acquired skills and the assistance of career guidance

In October, 70 new students enrolled in the program. They are faithfully attending their evening
classes and growing in confidence as well as in their language skills. 

2,500 full-time, Indian workers minister in India, making it OM's
largest single ministry field. The
ministry focuses on the needs of the 300 million Dalits, or "untouchables" – India's lowest

Operation Mobilization (OM) India
is an inter-denominational Christian movement committed to partnership with
Indian churches in sharing God's love with the nation of India. OM India is dedicated to the
training and equipping of national Indian Christian workers as instruments to
lead men to the living God and help them grow in their faith.

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