Sports fans reach out at American football games

By December 31, 2008

USA (MNN) — American college football bowl games are already underway. The best teams in the country are playing for bragging rights. They will attract millions of fans. One organization thinks this is a great environment to share the Gospel.

Bill Adams with Sports Fan Outreach says his ministry is reaching out at the Chick-fil-A, Outback and Orange Bowls in the next two days.

Adams says he'll be standing in an area with heavy traffic. "What we do is give out player testimony cards containing testimonies of Christian players. Or we give out a Gospel tract that has something that attracts people's attention. Through that process, we talk to people."

Adams is asking you to pray that as they talk to football fans, their hearts will be open to hear the Gospel.

He is also encouraging you to think about doing something similar at your local college or high school. "It's so simple. You're there in that busy spot giving stuff out. And because no one does it, your light shines all the brighter because you don't have any competition."

While a football field may not seem like a place to see people come to Christ, Adams says, "The main thing is to be out there." If you're not there, nothing is going to happen.

Pray that God uses this to touch hearts and lives.


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