Church-based teams see great unity

By July 27, 2010

International (MNN) — Exciting things are taking place at
Avant Ministries.

President Jack Elwood said there is no shortage of people
willing to serve the Lord full-time, overseas: "We just finished a two-week course for our new candidates, called our 'Candidate Orientation Program,'
in which we had 20 new missionaries go through training in preparation for
deploying to the field."

After missionaries are trained through the candidate
orientation program, they will be sent to countries around the world, such as
Spain, Italy, Bolivia, Estonia and restricted areas. Of these missionaries,
many are sent through Avant's church-based team mobilization.

"If a church has a vision to plant churches globally,
we partner with churches here in North America to help them plant internationally
through what we call our Joint Venture program," Elwood said. Churches
involved with this recruit, select,and send teams to plant churches in areas
where no other church yet exists.

Through this, Elwood said churches and missionaries
experience a greater sense of unity. "When we can send [missionaries] from
a single church, where people know each other [and] they're greatly supported
by the people in the church, there's a sense of connection."

Elwood said they have no shortage of people willing to enter
into full-time missions. They have already commissioned 43 new missionaries
this year. The only thing stopping them now is prayer and financial support.

Join Avant in support of church-based teams and Joint
Venture in one of two ways. Click here to provide financial support, enabling
more missionaries to begin outreach in unreached countries.

Or if you are interested in joining their work for the
kingdom, visit their Web site and get started today. Elwood said they are
looking for individuals to join their Estonia team right now.

Also, pray that churches and missionaries alike will continually
pursue the spread of the Gospel to the corners of the earth.

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