Church-Centric Bible Translation continues despite opposition

By September 6, 2022

Middle East (MNN) — Church-centric Bible translation continues despite heavy opposition in the Middle East. unfoldingWord works alongside local church planters in an undisclosed nation*.

The country is one of the world’s most difficult places to follow Christ, with a “very hostile religious context – difficulties, persecution – yet the Church is vibrant and healthy and reproducing,” unfoldingWord CEO David Reeves says.

“The Church is underground. They’re scattered in house churches led by some very passionate and wonderful godly men.”

Governmental leaders view religious minorities as threats that must be eliminated. “Christianity is something they’re trying to fight against because it’s growing rapidly and expanding,” Reeves says.

“You’re dealing with hostile religious contexts that would love to see them (believers) wiped off the planet.”

A church-centric approach to Bible translation works well in places the traditional model cannot reach. For example, in this country, “you can’t bring in outsiders to learn the language, or do training and consulting, things like that,” Reeves explains.

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unfoldingWord equips large-scale church planting networks with the tools and training they need to translate God’s Word into regional languages. Learn more about Church-Centric Bible Translation here.

“We’re coming alongside and helping them with their Scripture translation needs and a theological formation for these new young churches,” Reeves says.

Pray unfoldingWord’s partners in this country will have the courage and endurance to withstand persecution.

“One guy we talked to and his wife had just gotten out of prison from simply sharing their faith and planting churches,” Reeves says.

“Time in prison is a normal part of their walk with Christ.”

Prayer is the believers’ top need in a location like this. See the latest requests here.

“There’s spiritual darkness trying to push back against what is happening here. Sometimes we see it in terms of the opposition, whether it’s someone being thrown into prison or beaten, or other things like that,” Reeves says.


*Location withheld for security reasons.



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