Church needed for outreach in Guatemala

By November 26, 2008

Guatemala MNN) — Orphan Outreach is looking for a church to help with a unique outreach opportunity in Guatemala.

Tiffany Taylor with
Orphan Outreach says Luis Palau is taking his evangelistic festival to the country in March. Taylor says, "In conjunction with that festival, Orphan Outreach is working to bring the children that we serve in all the orphanages and Christian school to the Children's Day, which is part of the festival. And we're really looking for a team of people to come with us, to be able to minister to the children, and take them to the festival."

Since there's only four months until the festival, Taylor is looking for a "church or group that would take on recruiting for this. So we're looking for someone pretty urgently to come alongside us and say, 'Yes, we want to recruit a group from our church to go and be a part of this wonderful festival and minister to all of these wonderful orphans.'"

She says it's a two-week commitment that will include Bible distribution before the festival. "We have opportunities to send these Bibles into schools, orphanages, and then on the Children's Day, the team would have an awesome opportunity of taking the children to the Luis Palau festival and being a part of the festival."

The outreach is serving what the Bible calls the least of these. "You'll be bringing children that live in the Guatemala City dump, children that are in orphanages, children that really need to hear the Gospel. It's a once in a life-time experience."

If your evangelical church or similar group is interested in participating, call 1-877-677-4269.


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