Church planting ministry in Cuba reaches critical mass

By October 10, 2007

Cuba (MNN) — Christianity
in Cuba has grown in spite of the fact that Cuba is officially an atheist

Acting quickly while the door remains open, the Evangelical Free Church is asking for help. Their church planting drive
needs $100 per month.

The Canada team has entered into a partnership whereby the money given at a local level for new church planting is doubled. This means
that any financial help in Canada is doubled by local giving within the Cuban

Training for church planters is important. But many who would like to be church leaders just don't
make enough to pay for the kind of education and materials required. It costs $3500 for one two-week module for
60+ students. 

The partnership ministries in
Cuba offers a Bachelor level Bible College for Pastors and House
Church leaders. The ESEPA Seminary from Costa Rica provides the professor and
the accreditation. It also includes food, housing, textbooks, study
material, and personal hygiene items.

What makes this even more exciting for evangelism is that
the team has already identified six new locations for this year's growth in new
House Churches. Click here if you want to learn more.

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