Three missionaries face persecution in India

By October 10, 2007

India (MNN) — Discrimination against Christians in India is
becoming more and more commonplace. 

Gospel for Asia reports two separate events last week
which involved  three of their native

In Chhattisgarh state, GFA missionary Chandran Paranjoy was arrested and jailed for
violating anti-conversion laws. He was meeting with a group of believers to pray and fast in
a local village when police arrived. 

According to GFA, a group of
anti-Christian extremists, with whom Chandran has already had trouble, heard
that he was leading the meeting. They
then lied to the authorities by accusing him of insulting other religions and
said that he was paying people money to convert to Christianity. As of this writing,
there's no word on his case.

Meanwhile, in Mumbai, a dozen
anti-Christian extremists barged into a prayer meeting that GFA missionaries
Sadar Bir and Ranak Vasant were holding in the home of a believer. The two evangelists were then attacked
by the mob but were not seriously injured. 

These three missionaries are
committed to sharing the love of Christ, no matter the cost. GFA notes that although they have recently had
to endure persecution, they trust the Lord to work these situations for good. Pray
that believers will not be shaken and that they will continue to grow in the
strength of the Lord.

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