Church in Southeast Asian country faces mounting pressure

By July 12, 2017

Southeast Asia (MNN) — In many communities, the local church exists to serve people and be a beacon of Christ’s love. But not everyone sees it that way. In many countries, the government sees the body of believers as a threat to their way of life.

(Representative photo courtesy of Asian Access)

That’s what one pastor who’s been trained by Asian Access says is happening in a country in Southeast Asia. In one case, a congregation meeting in a pastor’s house raised enough money for a church building, only to have it shut down by authorities.

“Right after they finished building the chapel, the local authority came with policemen, and they locked the doors,” the pastor says. “They made a paper, with the promise of the pastor, they are not allowed to use the new building for the church activities or worship service.”

That kind of pressure doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon.

“As I know, the government, they just approved a new religious law,” the pastor says. “And they will put it into practice on the first day of January 2018. In that case, if the church doesn’t have the license, they will use the law to oppress the church and stop the church. So, from now to the end of this year, if the church does not have the license, they are trying to get the license this year. Otherwise, they will face strong persecution early next year.”

It’s a scary time for believers, but they’re not going through it alone. Asian Access is coming alongside church leaders to encourage and equip them in their ministry.

(Photo courtesy of Asian Access)

“Since Asian Access came into my country, it helped us more to develop more leaders and develop good communities among the church leaders,” the pastor says. “So now, those who participate in Asian Access and those who finish the program still continue to work together and share our resources.”

It’s an uncertain time for believers in this country, and they need your support. Can you come alongside them in prayer? The pastor asks that you pray that God would raise up more pastors to lead the local church and that there would be a spiritual revival in the country.


  • My question is that with so many scammers nowadays, how do we know you’re legit and the money actually gets to these churches to help out? Are there others who can vouch for y’all and what about financial accountability ,from outside sources as well, as to what and where each dollar goes? Hate to have to ask these things, I’m on a low income so I want to make sure because every dollar I cout on to live. Unfortunately, this is the climate today.

  • Hello, my name is Dr Evangelist Natasha Duncan, I’m a servant of Master Jesus Christ and Master Jehovah. I m thru the grace and mercy of God a Global Journalist for the company They blessed me with which is Alpha and Omega Army Journalism and I come to do my Father Jehovah’s will. I prayed for you and the church and those that support u according to God’s will. I saw your story and I want u to know help is on the way I will post inside the USA your Testimony and just trust in God that his will will be done. In Master Jesus Christ’s Name I pray, Amen. Dr Evangelist Duncan at Alpha and Omega Army Journalism in The USA.

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