Church to church initiative launched for hurricane rebuilding

By September 22, 2005

USA (MNN) — Spring Lake, Michigan-based International Aid has already shipped critical supplies worth more than $10 million to victims of Hurricane Katrina. All of these supplies were distributed through local churches. As the relief effort is now a rebuilding effort, International Aid wants to help churches connect with churches to help in the rebuilding process.

I-A’s President Myles Fish says they’ve worked with more than 150 churches in the hurricane zone. “We could identify the churches and what their needs are and we could match them with churches. We don’t want to particularly implement all of the repair work, but we certainly think that we can put those churches in a match together, and then they can work together on what kind of repairs and clean-up might be necessary for the church, and the people in the church and the local community they’re willing to serve.”

This is just another example of how International Aid is helping churches reach the lost in their community. Fish says pitching their own tents in an area isn’t the answer, “Some day, we’re going to go home. The local church is part of that community. They’re going to be there long-term, and we just think this is a far superior strategy for us to invest everything we have into that church, so that that church can reach out.”

It’s all done in an effort to lead people to Christ. “We’ve coined a new phrase. We call it tail-gate evangelism. Where after we unload a truck we’ll stand up in the back of the truck and just explain to people why it is that we’re there, what it is that we’re doing and who we represent.”

You can call International Aid at (616) 846-7490 and ask for Jackie. If you’d like more information on I-A’s work, click on the highlighted link above.

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