Church training materials stretched thin for a resourcing ministry.

By April 7, 2006

USA (MNN)–Christian Resources International’s Fred Palmerton says theirs is a problem of growth.

The increasing numbers of requests for materials has depleted their warehouse. That means seminaries and pastors in training may have a wait ahead of them for resources. The funding is there, but not the resources.

Palmerton explains, “We find ourselves, right now, with the need for books to fill at least two containers, immediately. Those are 20-foot containers, and they will consist of approximately 30,000 pounds of books each. One is needed in Rwanda, and the other one is headed for a Bible college in India.”

So, he says, consider this a call to action. “We would like to solicit our friends to contact all of their area churches and their Christian friends and ask them to send their excess or unneeded Bibles and Christian books to CRI in Fowlerville, Michigan.”

To get a rough sketch of the volume of their work, last year’s figures showed the CRI team answered more than 1300 requests for assistance from individuals. Of those requests, CRI sent out almost 1000 11-pound bundles of resource materials.

CRI works to provide more than Bibles to the churches. They also take donations of other materials so they can provide pastoral libraries, medical books, music and childrens’ materials for church ministry.

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