Churches are leading the relief effort in Haiti

By January 21, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — While many organization were hit hard by the earthquake in Haiti, Bright Hope International seems to be in pretty good shape.

Bright Hope's President Craig Dyer says they work with about 100 churches in Haiti. "Most of those churches are fine. There have been many that have been damaged and have great physical needs. Communications is the big problem right now. Some we can hear from, some we can't."

Bright Hope provides micro-enterprise lending to help get people out of poverty. Since they work through the local church, many come to Christ. Dyer says they'll look to do that in a number of months, but now is not the time.

"What we need to get them to stay alive is food, clothing, water, shelter. In the longer term we'll look for micro-loans," says Dyer.

Right now, Bright Hope will be providing relief through their church network. "It's only the church that can bring real encouragement and real hope. The church can deliver aid but also raise up a banner and see Haitians come to the Lord through this."

Since most of their churches are located away from Port-au-Prince, Dyer says these churches will also help fellow Christians by "caring for the churches that are damaged, getting those pipelines up and running and strengthened to where they can stand on their own feet again."

Money for food, clothing, shelter and medicine is needed. "We have a container here that we need to fill with medical supplies."

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