Churches in Siberia’s capital start media blitz to promote the Bible

By April 22, 2004

Russia (MNN/Bible League) — It’s a effort to bring the Bible to the attention of people in a major city in Russia. Novosibirsk, the capital of Siberia, is home to about 1.5 million people. Unfortunately, the number of believers is small in that city. That’s why all the churches of the city united to launch an advertising campaign promoting “The Year of the Bible.”

Each protestant church is represented on the planning committee for the media blitz that will continue throughout the year. Their goal is to raise awareness of the Bible, and to entice unbelievers to seek out God’s Word at a local church. There, seekers will be invited to a small group Bible study where they can learn more about the Bible and about Jesus.

Churches in Novosibirsk, like Bible League partners around the world, will provide Scriptures to seekers who complete a Project Philip Bible study. That’s how the Bible League places Scriptures worldwide: through supportive small group Bible studies, in partnership with local churches.

In addition to planning the ad campaign together, churches are preparing for the public response. They are praying for God to prepare hearts of unbelievers throughout Novosibirsk. They are also asking the Bible League to send Bibles and training materials, so they can lead people through God’s Word, and ultimately to Christ.

Churches are struggling to meet the demand for Scriptures that Year of the Bible 2004 is generating. The Bible League’s national director in Russia says, “We need them like the air we breathe. Everybody is asking for Bibles.” To help meet the need to provide life-giving Bibles.

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