College students struggle to remain close to God

By September 7, 2012

China (MNN) — Last month, we shared how English camps opened doors for the Gospel in China. Teams working with China Partner at the two-week Hua Mei Summer English camp demonstrated God's love and mercy to 110 Chinese youth. Several teens came to Christ as a result.

Now as college-age team members return to school, God is taking a backseat to homework and part-time jobs. Sophia,* a teaching assistant at the Hua Mei summer camps, attends college in Shanghai and shared her struggles to maintain a close relationship with Christ.

"I am always so busy; I get up early for classes, then I study in the library," she said. "After dinner I study some more…. By that time, I am so exhausted that I just want to go to bed and sleep.

"How can I spend more time with God?"

Do you face similar struggles? Share your story on the Mission Network News Facebook page. You can help college-age believers worldwide draw closer to the Lord.

Erik Burklin, China Partner president and summer camp team leader, advised Sophia and her peers to intentionally carve five or ten minutes out of their schedules each day. He said to spend those moments alone with God, relying on His strength to draw them closer.

"To find time for God during a busy college day is tough," Burklin acknowledged. "Read a few verses in your Bible and pray to God, asking Him to help you grow closer each day."

Pray that college-age team members grow in their relationships with Christ. Continue praying for Chinese youth who met Christ through China Partner teams this summer.

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* Last name omitted for security reason.

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