Colombian soldiers and rebel child fighters get Book of Hope

By October 17, 2005

Colombia (MNN) — Guerrilla fighting and drug trafficking continues to plague the country of Colombia. Kidnapping is also common-place. Disillusionment besets many.

Book of Hope International’s Bob Hoskins is concerned about that. “You’ve got an entire generation that’s just grown up within the fire storm of violence and conflict fueled by drugs and extortion.”

According to Hoskins, only a miracle could begin to change that. That’s exactly what’s happening. “Here’s the miracle; God has touched the heart of leaders in the Colombian military and they’ve asked us to bring the Book of Hope. So, we’re actually delivering the Book of Hope to the army bases, to the navy bases and to soldiers in the battle field.”

Book of Hope distribution isn’t just having an impact on Colombian military, Hoskins says rebel soldiers are also getting it. “We found a way and in the last month we delivered 2,500 books that are being distributed to these child soldiers that are out in the jungles with the rebel groups.” The government is also providing some of the funding.

God’s Word is truly the only thing that will change the situation in Colombia. Hoskins says he’s hopeful it will end the conflict in Colombia. He says Book of Hope helped in a similar situation. “El Salvador had gone through seven years of violent civil war, and within one year after the distribution of the Book of Hope in all the schools, the civil war was resolved and peace has reigned there ever since. I’m not saying that’s entirely the Book of Hope, but I dare to believe it had a tremendous impact.”

The goal is to deliver 630,000 books this year, so financial help is needed. $1 can provide three Books of Hope to these children and young people in Colombia. Click on the link above to get connected.

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