Communism can’t stop Christ in Cuba

By July 19, 2011

Cuba (MNN) — Like a piece of gold needs pressure and heat to become pure and refined, the church is experiencing incredible growth and maturity in the midst of communist oppression. This growth is partially due to Cuban pastors' increased ability to minister to more people. Financial sponsorships have given them that ability.

Vision Beyond Borders is actively involved in the lives of pastors leading Christians in Cuba. With the help of the Christian community, they are currently sponsoring 75 pastors. These pastors have responded with how the support has helped them in times of difficulty.

One Cuban pastor reports, ""After many trials with the construction of the church building, we prayed and fasted on many occasions. And finally they gave us permission to continue. This is only possible because God opened doors."

Another pastor says, "Those saved from the first and second trimester of the year is more than 8,000. The local church has more than 4,000 members, and we continue discipling and baptizing. Thank you for supporting us and praying for us."

None of this could have been done without the financial support of Vision Beyond Borders' sponsorship program. The needs of pastors, especially in Cuba, are great. A pastor in rural Cuba will make an average of $9.60 a month. A pastor in urban Cuba will make up to $20 per month. Most pastors end up having to work multiple jobs to support themselves and their families.

We as the church are called to "bear each other's burdens. "For those of us who have so much to give, God calls us to help our brothers and sisters who are struggling. The unique and compassionate love of Christ allows us to show this love to each other as well.

To help these pastors, Vision Beyond Borders states, "We hope that we would be able to ease the financial stress for the pastor to have the freedom to build their congregation, develop new ministry outlets, and focus on their community needs."

And the community needs are great indeed. The religion accepted by most Cubans is a combination of Catholicism and witchcraft. Many are closed off to the true message of the Gospel.

Sponsorship of a pastor not only encourages them, but also lets them expand their ministry and reach more of these people for Christ. God directly uses the sponsorship of pastors to expand the message of the Gospel and draw more people into His kingdom.

The evangelism opportunities in Cuba are ripe and the harvest is ready. But the need for more sponsorships is still there. Although Vision Beyond Borders already sponsors 75 pastors, there are four times as many pastors still needing financial support.

Please pray that the church in Cuba would continue to experience growth and maturity. Pray also for the pastors needing sponsorships to have patience and rest in God's provision. If you are interested in sponsoring a pastor in Cuba for just $25 a month, you can click here.

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