Community Health Evangelism targets HIV/AIDS around the world

By May 19, 2005

International (MNN) — Around the world today it’s estimated that there are between 35 and 44 million people living with HIV/AIDS. Up to 4 million died last year alone. It’s leaving millions of children orphaned and vulnerable. Reports indicate that 15 to 24 year olds account for half of the new infections each year. Where is the hope?

The hope is found in Christ alone and Medical Ambassadors International is attacking the problem head-on with their Community Health Evangelism programs, or CHE.

Medical Ambassador’s Holly Freitas says, “Communities are begging for the church to reach out and to help us. And, my fear is that’s what would happen if we don’t do that. And, when we see the pandemic devastating communities and countries (they’ll) say, ‘we asked you, the church, to help us and you wouldn’t help us and I think that’s something we’ll have to face.”

CHE is currently working in 62 countries, some of which are easily accessible. China is just one example, says Freitas. “We’re working with [a women’s group in China]. And, they are training communities, mostly in an awareness at this point. And, that’s their entry into the community and start integrating Community Health Evangelism.”

Freitas says the strategy has been so successful and that’s why more organizations are using it. “We see a church planted at about one church per week. The way our lessons are written is that we integrate spiritual and physical with every lesson. The impact of that and the multiplication of that is just phenomenal.”

Medical Ambassadors International could use your financial support to help train more CHE leaders around the world. Click on the link above for contact information.

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