Compassion’s hurricane response

By September 30, 2008

Haiti (MNN) — Three months of hurricane season remain, and the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere faces even more potential damage.

Directly in the path of many Atlantic hurricanes, Haiti has already been pummeled by hurricanes Gustav and Ike and tropical storms Fay and Hanna. Haiti was hit with massive flooding, death and destruction; water levels reached 9 feet in some regions.

Compassion International staff is distributing food and water to the children in Gonaives and surrounding regions, and the Cabaret Child Development Center near Port-au-Prince is serving as a shelter for 62 children, providing them with food, water and medical care.

No children sponsored by Compassion were killed, but at least 10 Compassion-assisted children have been wounded. 20 children's homes have been destroyed, and close to 70 were damaged. Many Compassion children and their families have lost all of their belongings, animals, crops and fishing boats.

Government officials are working with U.N. task forces to rescue stranded residents by helicopter, and all affected Compassion centers are working to address the immediate and ongoing needs of children and their families. More storms are likely to cause further damage this season, and Compassion needs funds to help tend to these needs. Please click here to donate.

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