Concerts reach youth in Cambodia with the hope of the Gospel

By October 23, 2007

(TWR/MNN) – Trans World Radio-Cambodia' s youth department hosted two outdoor
concerts over the summer to promote the radio program, "It's Yours!" Attendance
surpassed expectations, in spite of rain.

to TWR, about 700 attended a concert in northern Cambodia, and as many as 1,000 joined the second one at a beach resort. The concerts were designed to reflect the
format of an "It's Yours!" program, with interesting information, lighthearted
commentary, and just enough about Jesus to whet the listeners' appetites to learn

theme for the events was "True Happiness" and how to have real joy and peace.
Active participation was encouraged with prizes such as a TWR t-shirt for those
who answered questions like: "What can make you happy for a short time but in the
end causes sadness?"

staff performed skits, along with members of a visiting youth group from a
Mississippi church. The youth also performed the Christian music for the concerts.

of these events, Cambodian churches and youth groups that previously had shown little
interest in the ‘It's Yours!' program now are tuning in. Pray that hearts will respond to the hope
of the Gospel.                        

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