COVID-19 cases climb in Kenya; Christians respond to community needs

By June 18, 2020

Kenya (MNN) — Kenya currently has the third-highest number of COVID-19 infections in East Africa, and cases keep rising. To meet corresponding community needs, Christian workers adapt as strict lockdown measures continue. More coronavirus coverage here.

“The situation in Kenya is really quite difficult…several of the districts, four of them, are in complete lockdown, meaning police are blocking the roads so people cannot leave,” Joy Mueller of Kenya Hope says.

A recent recipient of food aid.
(Photo courtesy Kenya Hope)

Kenya Hope partners with local churches to care for vulnerable groups in remote communities. Right now, they’re helping rural Kenyans survive day-to-day.

Partner with Kenya Hope here to provide a two-week supply of food and essentials.

Food is hard to find throughout Kenya. As described here, food scarcity was a major problem before the pandemic started, and now it’s even worse. If people can locate food, most can’t afford to buy what’s on the shelves.

Pandemic restrictions closed many local markets, Mueller says, so farmers and villagers cannot sell their produce or cattle. “Their cattle are their bank accounts, so without a way to sell them, then they don’t have money to go buy food,” she explains

Strictly-enforced curfews make the whole process even harder. “Thankfully, the government has just changed the [curfew]; it’s now 9 pm to 4 am, which does give people a little bit more time to move back and forth,” Mueller notes.

In the remote communities Kenya Hope serves, “they don’t use cars; they mostly are walking or using public transport, so it does take a lot more time for them to travel from point A to point B,” she adds.

Together with its local church partners, Kenya Hope is delivering food and spiritual aid to the neediest families.

(Photo courtesy Kenya Hope)

“Generous donors have allowed us to really minister to hundreds of families and [send] them needed food,” Mueller says. Last month, Kenya Hope delivered food aid to 423 families. In a corresponding email, Mueller says, “We will continue to provide food as long as there is a need and the Lord provides.”

Consider donating here to give a Kenyan family two weeks of food for $25. Most importantly, pray. Use the prompts listed alongside this article to guide your intercession.

“Pray that the country will be able to open up soon,” Mueller requests. “[Economically], it’s just really hurting people.”



Header image courtesy of Kenya Hope.

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