Crescent project helps Christians and Muslims

By April 17, 2009

USA (MNN) — Misunderstanding and misinformation. These are the problems affecting relationships between Muslims and Christians. One organization is trying to change that, while equipping Christians to help Muslims better understand Jesus.

President and CEO of Crescent Project Fouad Masri says, "Our goal is to equip and enable Christians to reach out to the millions of Muslims in America with the claims of Jesus and give them a chance to respond."

Masri says there's a reason he started the ministry. "I discovered that a lot of Muslims moving to the West do not have any Christian friends. The majority of Muslims today have never been to a Christian's home. So they come to America, and their view of our values and our religion is what they see on television and in movies. Muslims are not hearing the claims of Christ."

The terrorist attacks on 9/11 and the growing extremist movement have caused Muslims to begin searching for truth, says Masri. "Muslims themselves are seeking. They are asking questions. And now, with the internet, with media, they can see what's going on around the planet in an instant. And they are seeing Islam is not working."

Masri says they're asking the right questions. "What does it mean to be a follower of God? Does it mean you kill people in a plane? If Islam is true, why can't people read the Bible? This is Jesus, the prophet in Islam, so what's the big deal? Why can't we read the Bible?"

Unfortunately, they remain Muslims because there's nobody to help point them in the right direction. He says it's like living in a house with a leaky roof. At least you are in the house and not outside in the rain. "They choose Islam because they compared it to false information of Christianity. So they are in a house of Islam because they don't want to be in the rain."

According to Masri, Crescent Project is developing materials to help Christians begin a conversation in a sensitive way on the right topics. "We have on-line training. We have a one-day seminar. We have one-week training. And we have just come out with a small group DVD-based Bible study on understanding Islam and how to connect with Muslims."

If you'd like to receive information on the small group study, "Bridges,"  click here.


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