Media celebrities appear on SAT-7’s Easter program

By April 17, 2009

Lebanon (MNN) — In the Middle East, Lebanon has the largest indigenous Christian community by percentage; around 30 percent of Lebanon's population is comprised of believers.

Some of these believers have influential roles in Lebanon media, and they shared their faith recently on a special SAT-7 Easter program titled "And Follow Me." As hosts of many well-known Lebanon T.V. programs, many viewers weren't aware that they were Christians.

The hosts shared the importance of their faith and profiled a number of ministries working to help the area's poor, refugees and orphans. Also featured were a number of musical performances recorded in front of a live studio audience.

The vast majority of people in the Middle East don't know the claims of Jesus: His divinity, His death and resurrection. Most non-Christians are taught that Jesus was only a man, and they believe that Judas either took Christ's place on the cross or that Jesus didn't really die and was later revived. A holiday such as Easter, which celebrates Christ's resurrection, is foreign to many in the Middle East.

SAT-7 broadcast the truth of Easter through their holiday special and many other Easter programs shown through the month of April. Live youth and children's shows, films, live church services, and documentaries all describe the reality of Christ's resurrection.

Pray that these special programs will prompt many to inquire about the Gospel and search the Scriptures.

Over $750,000 is needed to cover the costs of special productions, programming and air time for all three SAT-7 channels. If you could help meet these financial needs, click here to donate.

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