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Published on 01 May, 2012

CRI needs Book Missionaries

USA (MNN) — Do you want to be involved in missions, but not go to another country? Do you desire to serve on the mission field, but you're limited by time, money, or physical well-being? Christian Resources International has an opportunity for you to be involved with missions–without leaving your home. The're looking for Book Missionaries.

Executive Director of CRI Jason Woolford says, "People who might not be called to preach, or might not be able to leave their home for a missions trip, or can't afford to go on a mission trip: they can become a Book Missionary by helping Christian Resources International."

It only costs $10 a month to become a Book Missionary. The need is great. Woolford says last year, "We sent $4.5 million in Bibles and Christian teaching tools around the world. And those resources are going to people who can't afford them."

CRI collects used Bibles, books, and other resources to send internationally to Christians who request them. Woolford says, "We take those and then we send them and redistribute them around the world for the sake of equipping pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and orphans for the sake of the ministry."

These resources have an incredible impact. Woolford speaks about a pastor who received some of these resources. "One of the ministers [who] came and got [the resources] told us that he was able to reach and lead 40,000 people to the Lord Jesus Christ."

CRI has recently shipped a crate of books and Bibles to war-torn Sudan. "Those are going into some of the most difficult areas — the Muslim areas. So, thank you to the listeners [who] were responsible for getting that sent." Another crate was shipped into Nepal.

Getting the resources for these crates isn't a problem: it's getting the money needed to ship the material that's the problem. "Sometimes we have churches or individuals who will sponsor [the cost of] sending a container. Somebody can send a container for $10,900, which represents about 365,000 Bibles or Christian teaching tools."

If you'd like to become a Book Missionary or would like to sponsor a container, click here.

One response to “CRI needs Book Missionaries”

  1. Your Name says:

    I want to thank God for your missionary objective in sharing the word of God to people all over. Am therefore saying thanks for the books sent to me. the church members are also expressing their joy in witnessing with the Bibles and christian books. I pray that you will send more to help me in our evangelism in this fast growing town.May God be with you. I will to be one of your missionaries in Cameroon.

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