CRI raises up spiritual leaders in Kenya

By July 26, 2016

Kenya (MNN) — In many parts of the world, people have never even heard the name of Jesus. Even if they have, many lack the resources to keep learning about Him.

Christian Resources International is one organization that works to fill both of these voids. Through its distribution center in Kenya, CRI provides Christian literature and trains pastors with the goal of leading locals to Christ and discipling them in their faith.

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International)

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International)

“At our Kenya distribution center, we train up 100 pastors every month and then give them the Word of God, seminary materials, Christian resources that they need, and also Christian discipleship education materials. And they go back to their church, and give people a Bible who’ve never owned one,” CRI Executive Director Jason Woolford says.

“We just had an update where someone was thanking those who support this mission, thanking them that they got to read John 3:16 for the first time out of their very own Bible. So those distribution centers are making it possible for people to come and get the Word of God for free. It would be similar to us going to a local bookstore and walking in and being able to shop 100-percent for free and walk out and be blessed.”

CRI has sent over $200 million worth of Bibles and Christian books to the Kenya distribution center since it was founded a year-and-a-half ago. There is also a pastor on the ground, Joseph, who trains 100 pastors every month.

“He was a graduate of seminary here in the United States from Moody Bible, and he really felt that he wanted to go back to Mai Mahiu, near Nairobi, Kenya,” Woolford says. “He wanted to train up these pastors, and he originally came two years ago and asked if he could just get a box of Bibles and Christian books. And as you know, God says in His Word that He’ll do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we’d think or ask.”

Joseph is partnering with CRI to bring God's Word to Kenya. (Photo courtesy CRI)

Joseph is partnering with CRI to bring God’s Word to Kenya.
(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International)

Woolford has witnessed firsthand the passion people have for spiritual growth. In fact, he has even seen people’s desire for God’s Word take precedence over their need for physical sustenance.

“We’ve seen this in other places around the world when we’ve [gone], and literally, the partnering minister might have a line where you can choose to get rice first or you can choose to get the Word of God first,” Woolford says. “I’ve seen now twice with my own eyes where people lined up and ran, literally, to get the Word of God first over food.”

Besides Kenya, CRI also has a distribution center in the Philippines. Woolford says CRI is working to continue planting distribution centers in other parts of the world as well.

“We’re hoping to establish another one in Takoradi, Ghana,” Woolford says. “We’ve sent multiple shipments there, and that’s going very, very well. We hope to establish these distribution centers in places where we now have the means, the facilities, and the ability to get the containers released from customs. So I think we’re in the final stages of opening that third distribution center.”

Can you come alongside CRI as it works to be an influence for Christ around the world? Woolford asks you to pray for protection for CRI and its distribution centers, as it has faced threats from those of other religions.

You can also lend your support by donating your extra Bibles and Christian books, or by giving financially. Click here to get started.

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  • Greetings from Tanzania
    I am the National Legal Representative (National Superintendent) of the Free Methodist Church in Tanzania (FMCT).
    We would like to come before you in order to request for your favour. We are very interested in what you are doing for God’s Kingdom. We are working in the United Republic of Tanzania. We believe and hope that if the FMCT will work in partnership with CRI, the Ministry will meet tremendous achievement for the Kingdom and the Ministry of God in Tanzania.
    Rev. Yesse

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