CRI ramping Nigerian ministry with distribution center

By June 6, 2013

Nigeria (MNN) ― Christian Resources International (CRI) is adding a new tab to their ministry binder with a book distribution center in Nigeria.

The distribution center is more than a new building; it’s a method CRI has never used before in Nigeria to get Bibles and Christian books to those who need them.

“We’re waiting to send our first-ever container to that distribution center. The container will hold about $400,000 of free Bibles and Christian teaching tools that we will be able to give out for free all over Nigeria, using the distribution center and busing systems to have packages delivered to those in remote areas,” says CRI Executive Director Jason Woolford.

But why Nigeria? Many ministries are nervous to set foot in this country where churches are often in the cross-hairs of Boko Haram terrorists. Some organizations have even pulled out for safety reasons.

Woolford explains, “When you’re looking at being under attack, what are you going to do as a believer if you don’t have God’s Word? If you don’t know what God is telling you?”

70% of Nigeria’s population lives below the poverty line, according to 2010 estimates by the CIA World Factbook. Often, it takes up to 2 months of salary to buy a Bible or Christian teaching book in developing countries.

“Sometimes we forget because we have constant internet [and] we have an abundance of books. This is not the way it is in a majority of Africa, Asia, and other areas. People don’t have the means as they make less than a dollar a day sometimes to pay a cable bill for nonstop internet,” says Woolford. “Where we might have access to the Bible electronically, other people don’t have that. So when they receive a used copy of God’s Word, it is like gold to them. In most cases, it’s 1-2 months salary to get that book.”

That’s where you come in. “People who partner with our ministry, who become ‘book missionaries,’ are providing people [with] God’s Word which we know does not return void. [Book recipients’] faith is being built up and they know most importantly what God has to say about the situation.”

CRI has sent $261 million worth of Bibles and Christian teaching tools around the world for book libraries. They need to raise $20,000 for this project in Nigeria. You can partner with CRI and become a “book missionary” for $27 per month.

To donate financially or send in your used Bibles and books, click here.


  • Your Name says:

    I am a field evangelist in the cheribum and seraphim white garment church am interested in the book missionary job as the word is not well absorb in c and s faith I will apreciate if we can get free copies of the bible to be given to members in various churches I go to minister yoruba transalation to be precise as most of our worship are majorly in yoruba language thanks field evang segun ogundeyi lagos nigeria

  • Hello!

    Dear Brother/Sister in Christ!

    Greetings from Jhumra City Pakistan!

    We are much happy reading your ministry activities after visit your website. I know that you are doing great work of God in world-wide. We will continually pray to God increase your ministry activities & God provide to you much more money opportunity, prosperity, restoration, freedom build building for unsaved, unbelievers, hungry, thirsty souls, last sheep for word of God. We are committed to working in a way which will impact the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the people we serve.

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    07. What is your planned and vision for Asia Pakistan?
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    Do you know now-a-day Satan is doing his best to destroy the worldwide and take our freedom and prosperity, restoration, but we are doing our best to preach the truth and love people? I pray that the Lord opens many doors and provides all our need to spread the Gospel amidst so much opposition. I know that he is very proud of us for standing for the truth in the face of great evil. When he comes to take us out of this sick world, he will richly reward us. Then, after 7 years of tribulation on earth, we will return with him to win the Battle of Armageddon and help him administer his kingdom here on earth for 1000 years. After that, Satan will finally be destroyed, and Jesus will create a new heaven and earth.

    I know that God use you for his glory like great man/women of the Holy Bible, David, Moses, Joseph, Abraham, Noah, Solomon, Elisha, Paul and Ruth, Sarah, Hannah, Mary, Mary Magdalena, Debra and so many other great man/women of the Holy Bible in worldwide. I know that you are doing God’s work among with illiterate, neglected Christian women’s, girls & children’s, poorest Christian families in around the world. We will continually pray to God increasing your life ministry activities & God provide to you much more money opportunity, prosperity, restoration, freedom build building for unsaved, unbelievers, sicknesses, illnesses, hungry, thirsty souls, last sheep for word of God & Jesus Christ etc. I know that at this time Holy Spirit allow or guide you and I hope very soon God give you opportunity, direction then you will consider our sympathetically request.

    We want to inform you that in this process, they their right to education, health care love, recreation and above all, their future. These Children have poor health status those working in metal factories, carpet weaving units and brick kilns, usually suffer from serious lung discuss as well as from hepatitis B.C and tuberculosis. The Child Laborers in Pakistan from 2.5% of labor force and contribute 23% to the family income in the target area. Our team members is meeting, discuses with parents of the Child laborers facilitated on the various aspects of Child laborers and the necessity for proper care and affection, besides the importance of education. In the result of which the community members of the target areas realized that proper nourishment, attention and care is very much needed for their Children. By not educating their Children they are not only destroying their future, but also promoting Child labor in Pakistan. Therefore they identified and
    prioritized the necessity of educating their Children for proper mental growth.

    We are trusting in the Lord to supply our needs and thank you for your faithful financial and prayer support that the work of God might prosper. We believe that God will direct us rightly to do what He wants to glorify Jesus name. I hope that you would make your efforts to help our small ministry as much you can through any other body or organizations. We do hope that God will open the door for us to have assistance to do it more accurately.

    We always lift up in our daily prayer and also know that you are in our heart, mind, and thoughts in Christ. May God be with you and se you more in the vineyard for Christ to save millions soul. May God strengthen and encourage you all and keep on serving him in others. With love and much your regulars help our ministry and your commitment with me? My prayers are with you, and so are my blessings. May God grant you a great harvest as you plant and water for Him!

    Yours Brother in Christ!

    Reverend Pervaiz Khokhar
    The Preaching Society & Social Welfare Services
    Mohallah Rasool Pura Street No 7
    Jhumra City 37700
    Telephone: +92-41-8527541
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    E.Mail:[email protected]
    E.Mail:[email protected]

  • K. SARASWATI says:

    Dear Christian Brothers,
    Good afternoon ! My name is K . Saraswati . I am from India .
    I am in need of a Christian book .
    Please send Me a Christian book .
    Anticipating for your favorable response .

    Yours Sister in LORD JESUS CHRIST { K . Saraswati }.

    PIN CODE : 532440

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