CRI reaches thousands through Christian literature

By August 7, 2015
(Photo courtesy of CRI)

(Photo courtesy of CRI)

International (MNN) — Making an eternal difference in the lives of the unreached is the passion of Christian Resources International.

Since 1956, CRI has worked to reclaim God’s resources for those desperate for the Gospel. The organization collects Bibles and other Christian literature through donations, then ships them to countries whose citizens might never be able to afford or gain access to them.

“CRI and those that partner with us are equipping orphans, pastors, evangelists [and] missionaries for the works of service, all the while setting up distribution centers, lending libraries, Bible colleges, and [Gospel outreach],” says CRI Executive Director Jason Woolford.

“Because of faithful listeners and those sharing their Bibles and Christian books and supporting us financially, we’ve sent $272 million in free Bibles and Christian books to over 170 nations around the world,” Woolford adds.

CRI is currently sending half a million dollars’ worth of Bibles and Christian books to Kenya.

Anyone with gently-used Bibles or Christian books sitting on their shelves can help bring Jesus to the unreached. Just give CRI the resources you no longer use, and they will be shipped to those desperate for the Word of God.

“When someone comes alongside and gives financially and donates Bibles, they’re becoming a Book Missionary and aligning themselves to share, send, and sow God’s Word around the world,” Woolford says.

As serious as physical needs are, they can’t compare in importance to ones need for salvation. As Woolford says, the Gospel is the only thing that “doesn’t return void.”

(Photo courtesy CRI)

(Photo courtesy CRI)

“In life, so many things return void to us,” Woolford says. “Somebody can give us a house, somebody can give us food. But those are things that end up vanishing, going away. [But] God in His Word says that when we’re giving somebody the Word of God, it’s forever. It’s the living Bible, it’s the Word.”

Can you help them continue? Besides giving your gently-used Bibles and Christian books, CRI is seeking donations to fund the shipment of these resources. It costs about $10,000 to ship a sea container to a country in need, but every little bit helps. Follow this link to make a donation.

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  • Iam writing from Tanzania,a Pastor with bibles and Christian Literature Distribution Mnistry.Tanzania has a great need & hunger for Bibles and Gospel materials,we need your help if you can consider a 40 ft Container full of Gospel Materials for free distribution.I will be happy to hear from you

    Waiting anxiously to hear from you

    Pastor Gervase Martin Masanja
    Tanzania,east Africa

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