Crisis continues along Gaza Strip; believers amplify response.

By August 17, 2006

Israel (MNN)–Israel’s airstrikes continue into Gaza. The crisis there has taken a backseat to the war with Lebanon.

Open Doors’ Al Janssen says from their contact’s reports, the populace faces a modern-day siege. “The pastor of Gaza Baptist church says that electricity is very rare, they’re running out of water, so the circumstances for people living in Gaza are pretty grim.”

But with all that’s gone on between Israel and Lebanon, the mainstream attention is elsewhere. Janssen says, “That’s one of the things that I’m hoping the church will not forget our brothers and sisters that are living in those circumstances.”

Their contact has been trapped in Gaza for roughly 48 days. He writes, “This probably is the worst time we have ever had in Gaza. The circle of violence which started after the Israeli soldier was taken hostage on June 25 is affecting the whole Gaza strip and its 1.4 million inhabitants. People are without basic needs such as water, electricity and gas, and food is in limited supply in this area.”

With Israel turning her attention back to the region, Janssen says the church’s response also increased–they’re providing what relief they can. “Members of the church go in, give them food baskets, give them aid, then offer to pray with them, That’s been very well received. Another thing that the church is doing is they are providing programs for youth and providing leadership training for Palestinian Authority.”

Because of their isolation, the OD team in Gaza openly wonders if the Body of Christ has forgotten them. With their great ministry, they stay near to those who need the love of Christ.

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