Crooks steal generator equipment, other electronics

By June 21, 2011

Tanzania (MNN) — A series of burglaries has caused distress for a Bible college in Tanzania.

Grace Ministries International reports that several break-ins have occurred over the last few weeks on the college campus. Despite the fact that prints have been found, it has not been enough to nab even one of the criminals for sure. Police reportedly have had trouble knowing what to do.

It's suspected that several large men are carrying out the burglaries, based on the bulk of equipment that they have taken thus far.

A Grace Ministries missionary, Brook Seekins, laments that losses have been difficult. "They have taken fuel and things needed to run the campus generator," writes Seekins in her online blog. "So we've been without our evening source of lights for a couple of weeks now."

The crooks were nearly caught during the most recent break-in. Seekins says a few Bible college staff awoke around 4 a.m. one morning to noises and voices. The burglars had bored a hole in the top of a building's tin roof and were attempting to run off with a laptop, a printer, cartridges, a battery, and solar charging equipment, as well as other electronic devices.

College staff were able to chase after the criminals, but the crooks got a head start and disappeared into the night.

Seekins says pinning suspects down has been difficult. Staff drove all over the five-village area asking about a few items that were left behind, which allowed them to eliminate several suspects and put one in holding. Still, they are not absolutely certain who it was, and police appear to have been little help.

Seekins and others are preparing for Youth Camps now and can't afford the added distractions of worry related to burglaries. Pray that justice would be brought to the burglars so the campus staff would be able to sleep peacefully again and continue on in their ministry without distraction. Pray that these losses would not hinder the Gospel from moving forward.

Learn more about these burglaries and about the upcoming camps at Seekins' blog.

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