Crossroad Bible Institute launched new distribution center

By November 23, 2010

Zambia (MNN) — Where there is severe overcrowding, there are terrible consequences. According to Crossroad Bible Institute, 35% of inmates in Zambia are awaiting trials due to failures of the criminal justice system. Prisons, therefore, are nearly three times their intended capacity.

CBI's Cynthia Williams witnessed the prison conditions in her recent visit to Lusaka Central Prison, where a CBI program is currently operated. 100 prisoners are housed in cells intended for a capacity of 15. Men can no longer sleep lying down but pressed in between each other's knees, sitting up. These conditions cause diseases to spread quickly, and the prisoners are mistreated.

In the midst of the circumstances, CBI announced the opening of CBI Zambia–their eleventh center worldwide. CBI Bible studies offer the prisoners hope in an otherwise hopeless situation. The Zambian leadership team served time in the prisons to address the needs and found that the prisoners truly want to hear the message of the Gospel.

Director Gilbert Mutale Mwamba said, "Many lives in our prisons will be transformed through the Bible study lessons, and I can assure you that prisoners here in Zambia are very much excited to become students of CBI."

Williams says that the CBI Zambia team has an insurmountable task. But their passion and vision along with God's guidance and power will enable them to impact the lives of prisoners in their country. Pray that the crucial message of Jesus Christ will change lives for eternity.

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