CRWRC relief responds to the crisis in Uganda.

By March 25, 2004

Uganda (MNN)–Civil war in Uganda has raged for nearly two decades, with the casualties taking their toll on the landscape and the people.

The Lord’s Resistance Army, under the leadership of rebel Joseph Kony, continues its forays into villages plundering resources and people.

In the past year, more than 10,000 children have been abducted and pressed into service in the LRA. Government tactics to stop the LRA have proven largely unsuccessful, but the skirmishes have created a bigger problem.

Families have had to flee from their homes and villages to find safety. Their flight has created a wave of refugees, seeking help from hard-pressed neighbors.

In response, the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee is partnering with indigenous churches.

In April, teams will provide seed, food, and tools to 2,300 families in the Teso area. These items will meet the needs of families who had lived in relative peace until the LRA attacked their villages last June.

CRWRC’s staff work to meet physical needs in order to share the love of Christ to a people in need.

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