CURE hopes to eradicate club foot

By August 28, 2009

International (MNN) — In 2006, CURE Clubfoot Worldwide started out with a lofty goal: eradicate clubfoot as a lifelong disability. Since that time, there is no doubt that CCW is reaching this goal and making a global impact.

In less than 3 years, CURE Clubfoot Worldwide established an extensive network of programs in 16 countries and enabled nearly 7,000 children to walk on straight feet.

In the developing world, 1 out of every 750 children is born with clubfoot. One of CURE Clubfoot's core objectives is to establish a countrywide network of clinics capable of reaching a large portion of the clubfoot children. Based on the number of clubfoot children treated last year in Malawi and Zambia, CCW is achieving its objective. This year, CCW treated 590 children out of an estimated 746 clubfoot children in Malawi (79%) and 434 out of an estimated 629 children in Zambia (69%).

These results clearly illustrate that CCW is well on the way to eradicating clubfoot as a lifelong disability in Zambia and Malawi. As new countries are added, the other existing country programs continue to grow. CCW moves one step closer to ensuring that no child grows up suffering from clubfoot.

While eradicating clubfoot is a key physical goal, sharing the Gospel is an equal goal. CURE incorporates a faith component in a culturally-0relevant and sensitive way as they treat their patients.

CURE is also providing treatment for Hydrocephalus, Cleft Palate, Spina Bifida and other spinal deformities and crippling orthopedic conditions. 700,000 children have already had their lives transformed by the touch of CURE, and their families have experienced equally miraculous transformations in their own lives.

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