Darfur crisis shows no sign of easing

By March 21, 2007

Sudan (MNN) — Reports
indicate humanitarian access is shrinking rapidly in Darfur where relief
workers are attacked and intimidated. While the crisis in Durfur Sudan shows no
sign of easing, Christians are banding together to help the victims of what
many are calling a genocide.

Latest UN statistics
suggest more than 200,000 people have been killed in the Muslim against Muslim violence.
Food for the Hungry's Matt Ellingson says that has forced many people from
their homes.

"Over the entire
situation over two million people have been in need of support — food, until
peace is found there. Food for the Hungry has partnered with a total of six
organizations. providing support in the areas of nutrition, health and the
provision of water."

The partnership is made up
of Food for the Hungry, Christian Reformed World Relief Committee, World Relief,
World Concern, Medical Teams International, and MAP International.

While Food for the Hungry typically
works through the local church, they can't in this case, says Ellingson. He
says unconditional love is the way they show God's love to those in need.
"There are many, many different communication styles and that is the one
that is the most appropriate, useful and impacting in this setting. To love the
person in the action of providing the basic needs of life are huge in this

According to Ellingson,
funding is a big need right now. "It is expensive in Darfur. Insecurity
has affected a lot of things. We routinely have to adjust schedules and
destinations and continually have to think about how we're going to exit a
situation if an incident arises."

Pray that the people they're
serving would experience the love of God and that the situation in Darfur would
stabilize so their work can be more effective.

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